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By agreeing to the terms and conditions of the company, you state that you are eligible to be a merchant with us and you have understood, read and agreed to the terms and conditions of the company that are not subject to negotiation. This website and all the services mentioned here on the website are powered by Sararecharge.com. Wherever on the website, terms like “we”, “our” and “us” are used, they refer to the Sararecharge.com and its services & products. Read below the policies, conditions, and notices regarding the website.

Acceptance Of Terms:

If you use our website and buy or order something from our website, you are bound to agree the terms and conditions laid by us. If you don’t agree to our terms and conditions, we have authority to cancel your right to access the website and its available features.

Policy Of Content Copyright:

All material on the website, whether it is in text form, audio form, visual form or any other media type, all the information provided on the website is the property of Sararecharge.com and has been licensed under the copyright law of the Constitution of India. The content written on the website can only be used for in house processes of Sara Recharge and do not permit any other business or organization to use it for their purposes.

Trademark Policy:

The name of the website, Sararecharge.com and the set of the taglines, unique names and logos are registered under trademark policy, i.e. they are registered trademarks. No individual or business can use these trademarks for the promotional and commercial use as they are registered under the trademark and copyright law. If anyone found using our trademarks can face the criminal charge.


Information provided by use in the oral and written format cannot be seen as the liable warranty. Acquisition of product & services or any downloaded material during the service period is commenced with your contract of agreement to any risk occurrence.

You are only responsible if you lose your personal data because of any virus attack or malfunction. You are not allowed to claim Sararecharge.com for any such malfunctions or virus attacks.">

Governing Law:

If any claim is made to get the monetary compensation for any harm to Sararecharge.com or its products & services, need to be answered under the jurisdiction of the Government of India. The company cannot entertain any such claims that are not mentioned under the Government of India laws.